​         LEVERAGE is proud to announce the addition of a new facet to our training systems we refer to as our ‘Youth Empowerment Seminars’. These seminars are geared toward lectures and mentoring to youth and young adults involved in New York State based programs.  LEVERAGE firmly believes that our young people are our future and are firmly committed to giving back to the same communities we were raised in and served us well. 

         LEVERAGE will be available to visit your facility and present lectures to your students on topics that will include:  

Interaction with the NYPD (and other law enforcement      agencies)
Pitfalls to committing criminal acts 
Avoiding a criminal record 
Avoiding the use of casual drugs (‘xtasy’, marijuana, 'ruffies’)
Safety while in school (weapons, fights, parties, ‘snitching’)

          Our young people are our most valuable resources. Allow LEVERAGE to assist you by infusing decades of law enforcement expertise into your programs to ensure that our children are better prepared for tomorrow.