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Assistance to Collegiate and

Professional Athletic Organizations

In the construction of a collegiate and/or professional athletic franchise, the arduous task of finding the right people to manage the organization, obtaining the perfect location to call home and finally recruiting and signing the players that you believe will make your team a winner takes hard work, commitment and millions in invested capitol. In comparison to yesterday's college and professional athlete, today’s athletes are exposed to a litany of more intense external influences. The media, who loves to highlight the athlete's on field heroics won’t hesitate to over expose and publicly condemn the same athlete for even the slightest of mistakes they make off the field. With each athlete’s arrest or violation of league policy, you as management, suffer a negative blow to the reputation of your franchise when that signed athlete is not on the field and an even harder impact to your earned revenue when trying to rectify or diffuse a criminal situation that athlete may have gotten involved in. 

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Allow LEVERAGE to assist you by infusing over four decades of New York law enforcement experience into your existing training curriculum with face-to-face lectures personalized to your specific needs. LEVERAGE speaks to your players in a language they'll readily understand as the end result will be a more informed and socially responsible person. The invaluable information and knowledge they receive will have a positive dual effect as your athletes will adopt a more acceptable off-the-field behavior that will not only earn them respect both on and off the field and management will ultimately reserve millions of their franchisee's hard earned capitol investments

Some of the very important criminal topics discussed will be:


  • Drunk driving

  • Domestic violence

  • Weapons possessions

  • Necessary behavior that should be adhered to upon a criminal arrest


         Remember, someone is always watching your moves. Allow LEVERAGE    

                                  to assist you in controlling the view.

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