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Wright Choice Investigations

Wright Choice Investigations is your best source for professional and effective private investigations service. Established in 2006, we have years of satisfied clients who needed our assistance in many areas such as:

  • Surveillance of unfaithful spouses.

  • Recovery of lost property.

  • Locating and interviewing key witnesses in criminal and/or civil court cases.

  • Background checks of future or present employees.

  • Locating long lost relatives.

  • Dignitary protection of VIPs.

  • Worker's compensation investigations.

  • Provide Expert Court Testimony 

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Due to our collective decades of law enforcement experience and expertise in surreptitious means of non-detection in hostile environments, Wright Choice Investigations gets the job done when other P.I. firms fail. We provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent and offer a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

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