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Meet The Founders

Vincent H. Beckles is a retired and decorated First Grade Detective with over twenty three years experience in the New York City Police Department. Mr. Beckles conducted long term investigations into organized criminal consortiums and was an expert at the development of these cases by his use of confidential informants. At one point in his career, Mr. Beckles had the most registered and court sanctioned cooperative confidential informants in the NYPD. Mr. Beckles conducted investigations in major crimes such as homicide, kidnap, robbery, felonious assault, forgery, fraud, identity theft and burglary but made his mark when assigned to the Intelligence Division , where he provided personal protection for the present NYC Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. His duties included the identifying and eliminating credible threats against the Mayor and his family. Additionally, while in the Intelligence Division, Mr. Beckles was responsible for the confidential investigations involving international and domestic ecological and industrial terrorism. He recruited, trained and supervised deep undercover operatives for insertion into terrorist groups and was integral in the training protocol that ensured the most current and effective undercover procedures were in place. His extensive work resulted in the capture and conviction of numerous high profile and highly sought terrorists poised to inflict destruction on United States soil.

Vincent Beckles received numerous meritorious service awards from the NYPD and holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Arts from Buffalo State University.


Derek Wright is a retired and decorated First Grade Detective of the New York City Police Department with twenty years of service. Mr. Wright has gained an extensive criminal investigative background while conducting major crimes investigations in homicide, kidnap, robbery, felonious assault, forgery, fraud, identity theft, burglary and narcotics including (but not limited to) buy and bust and long-term investigations involving criminal consortiums. Mr. Wright excelled in undercover police operations effecting over 700 illegal narcotics and weapons purchases while in the Organized Crime Control Bureau. Due to his extensive knowledge of narcotics related investigations, surveillance and high conviction rate, Derek Wright was declared an “expert witness” by Kings County and New York’s Supreme Courts. In his career as an investigator, Derek Wright maintained an impressive 90% homicide clearance rate and occasionally worked with NYPD’s Dignitary Protection Unit to provide protection for high threat level VIPs such as foreign heads-of-state, ambassadors and high profile professional athletes. Mr. Wright has received numerous meritorious service awards from The New York City Police Department.

Derek Wright holds an Associates of Science Degree from New York City Technical College, owns and operates Wright Choice Investigations, a small private investigations firm, is a published author, a screenwriter, Indie filmmaker and playwright.

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