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Image by Ben Hershey

Mentoring Through Sports

LEVERAGE whole-heartedly believes in giving back to the community by sharing the knowledge and blessings they've acquired from their years of service in the NYPD. That philosophy has manifested itself  in their creation of the Mentoring Through Sports program. LEVERAGE believes when young people are involved with organized sporting activities with positive supervision, it assists in building positive self esteem, develops better communication skills and teaches good sportsmanship. LEVERAGE also believes that when young people are associated in positive recreation, it deters them from engaging in the negativity of vandalism, gang association, underage sex and substance abuse. 


 LEVERAGE attains their goals by:


  • Being a positive role model while training and supervising various sporting activities.

  • Encourage acceptance, forgiveness and moral support to all youth.

  • Providing knowledgeable instruction, sound advice and most of all, creating an environment where participants can freely express themselves.

  • Facilitating growth and encouragement through honesty and trust.



LEVERAGE is proud to introduce their affiliate Just The Place Inc. JTP Inc. has several exciting events scheduled for 2013 season just for girls ages 4 through 21. Visit them at for more information.

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